Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Held in Hands

There are times I pause for just a moment, and the hustle and bustle of the ward is suspended. In these moments, I have gained a beautiful glimpse of eternal love. Recently, my eyes have rested on hands...

...hands held high in praise to the Lord.

...hands clinched tightly in prayer pleading for their Father to take complete command over the works that occur in the Operating Room.

...the small hands of a child reaching out to touch the face of their parent’s for the mere comfort of knowing they are not alone this night.

...the frail infant hands of a 4 month old drawing strength from his mom, for it is the tender love outpoured from the hands of this mom that continue to gently cradle his small and fragile body with pure compassion. Her hands are merely the vessel for which the outpouring of her heart is nurturing her precious O’Brien.

...the hand of a woman gripping a mirror as she begins to take the first look at herself after having a massive sized tumor removed from her face. As her eyes shift back and forth between her reflection in the mirror and her pre-operative photos, her other hand gently touches the place where the tumor once grew. At next glance, her hand is wiping the tears streaming down her face.

...a mother's hand placed over the chest of her 6 month old child, praying for oxygen to freely fill his lungs. This mom’s hands are strong and tell a story - a story rooted in faithfulness and dependency; a story of complete surrender; a story of selfless offerings. Little does she know that her offerings are not only received by her Lord and her baby Marius, but are a blessing to the nursing and medical staff as well.

The truth is, we are all resting in the hands of our Maker. I have seen and touched the beauty of being held in the hands of God. And so I offer my hands... I offer them to be fully guided and sustained by the Lord. This is my deep desire.

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  1. Oh Kristen! Such beautiful words...thank you for sharing. Bless your precious hands that you have offered in His service. You are held tight in prayer.